Finding My Community

One of the great blessings of being a part of humanity is the diversity we encounter every day.  We can to meet and interact with so many different types of people with so many interests, that we get to learn, experience and grow constantly.  Most of the time, this makes us better human beings.
There is a special feeling, though, when you find someone who aligns with your feelings, your experiences and your values.  You click almost immediately.  You feel like you can be more open with them.  You feel safe.  Some people refer to this as finding your tribe.  It’s the folks you hope to find as you walk through life.  They support you and the person you want to be.  They share your values, push you to set audacious goals, and promise to be there as you achieve them.  The best part is there’s guaranteed to be a lot of joy, friendship and fun along the way.
I’m excited about the upcoming Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy Retreat because it’s a chance to reconnect with one of my tribes.  It’s a chance to meet new people with whom I have shared experiences.  It’s a chance for me to support my friends, and my friends to support me.  It’s a chance to make new discoveries with those I care about – even if I haven’t met them yet.
I hope you’ll join me. The deadline for registration is this coming Monday, April 11th so if you’ve been planning to come (or if you’re on the fence) register today.  I’m looking forward to meeting you!