We are living in the most extreme wealth inequality in modern history. As young people, this stops with our generation. Signing the Redistribution Pledge means making an accountable commitment to redistribute a specific amount of money to social justice movements over a set period of time.

Resource Generation is working toward a vision in which wealth, land, and power are equitably shared. Achieving this vision requires more than just individual action – it requires systemic cultural, policy, and institutional shifts, reparations, and a radical reimagining of society. We believe that well-resourced grassroots social movements led by Black, Indigenous and People of Color, poor and working-class communities, women, and queer and trans people are our best hope for achieving this vision, and so we ask our members to commit to sustaining social justice movements that are working towards systemic shifts.

As part of a coordinated strategy to return individual wealth and repair the harm created by wealth extraction, RG asks our members to take bold action with the resources currently under our and our families’ control, moving toward greater alignment with humanity and the planet. To find out more, read our Redistribution Guidelines

RG’s 2022 goal to raise $100M in pledges to social justice movements would represent about 7% of the total assets to which this community has access the “say no to making wealth off of wealth level” of our Redistribution Guidelines. To be clear, this is only a starting point; to actually begin redistributing, the RG community will need collectively to be giving over 7% of total assets annually. For this reason, we encourage people to sign the pledge at at least the 7% level or higher, and to make it a multi-year commitment.

Your info will be kept securely, and we’ll use it to follow up and support you to complete your pledge.

Doing political Giving in 2022? Follow this link to our sibling organization, RG Action to record your Political Giving!


Note regarding interpersonal giving and the Redistribution Pledge:
We understand that mutual aid (link: https://bigdoorbrigade.com/what-is-mutual-aid/) is a critical part of liberation work and so welcome people to track giving to individuals in their Redistribution Pledge, as well as giving to power building organizations. Those two strategies have been and are intertwined and both necessary for winning the world we want and need. Check out our Interpersonal Giving Guide. We also encourage you to check out our evolving thinking on the differences between reparations and redistribution), informed by our national campaign partners at the Movement for Black Lives.

people with access to wealth signed RG's Pledge *in 2022 so far*, pledging $89M+ to social justice movements. *Will you join us in collectively redistributing $100M+ in 2022?*