Questions about RG membership?

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What does Resource Generation mean by “class privilege”?

Class privilege is a way to describe one’s access to resources, power, and opportunities within a system and culture that systemically advantages the mostly white, ruling class. Class privilege acknowledges that under this system one’s access to resources is based on one’s class position — the more proximity one has to power and wealth results in that person having more if it, by design. To be clear, class and race are distinct but overlapping and reinforcing categories and identities and this affects class privilege.

Class is a system of power based on real or perceived social and economic status. Classism is the implicit and explicit centering of people with class privilege. Classism results in the systemic oppression of working-class and poor people. Classism operates systemically, institutionally, culturally, and interpersonally to privilege those who already have access to wealth, power, or resources. 

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How does RG define ‘wealth redistribution’ and why do we use it?

At RG, when we talk about wealth redistribution, it is a harm reduction strategy and an acknowledgment that all wealth is built on stolen land, stolen labor, and stolen lives. To be clear, young people with access to wealth can practice voluntary wealth redistribution (this is what our members do when making a long-term commitment to poor and working-class led social justice movements) but RG is organizing in solidarity with poor and working-class led movements toward the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power — which requires systemic wealth redistribution. 

Wealth redistribution at RG is a recognition that racial capitalism is set up so that wealth will keep accumulating itself unless it’s actively redistributed. (It’s like debt, only in reverse.) Well stated by RG’s Program Director in this blog post, “Redistribution means circulating rather than hoarding excess wealth, and it is one of the lowest rungs on the ladder: a tangible way for people with wealth to practice solidarity with poor and working-class communities. It’s a crucial starting place, not one that needs to be overly glamorized or intensified, just a thing to do. We all have roles to play in resisting capitalism, now is a great time to find yours and play them well.” 

I am fundraising for an organization—how can Resource Generation help me?

Due to our limited staff capacity, we are unable to meet one-on-one with organizations or individuals looking for funding or fundraising advice. We recommend checking out the Wealth Reclamation Academy of Practitioners for support and training around fundraising for wealth redistribution.

I’m older than 35 and have access to wealth or class privilege, how can I get involved?

Please contact [email protected] for info about alumni resources.

Does RG give grants?

No. Resource Generation is not a foundation and does not pool funds or give grants. We focus on education, organizing, and skill-building for young people with access to wealth, who are then better prepared to offer their financial and social resources to build the power of social justice movements and center the visions of those most impacted by racial capitalism. 

If you are interested in joining or connecting with donor networks that do give grants, check out Solidaire, Women Donors Network, Donors of Color Network, and Way to Win. We also work in close partnership with social justice foundations — public foundations led by those most directly impacted by racial capitalism and committed to social justice philanthropy.

Does RG support direct giving to individuals or mutual aid?

To thoughtfully navigate direct or interpersonal giving (outside of a charity-centered approach), check out RG’s interpersonal giving guide. 

At RG we’re always organizing our members to give or “move” money with their overall access to wealth, resources, and power in mind. This definitely includes giving money directly to people in need and/or signal boosting need among your networks. However, direct giving alone is still dependent on the recipient’s proximity to people with resources. The racial wealth divide and wealth inequality, among other things, requires collective and systemic transformation. This is why we encourage our members to contribute to movements, organizations and campaigns led by poor and working-class people and people of color who are advancing the equitable distribution of land, wealth and power. Read more here: https://resourcegeneration.org/solidarity-during-pandemic/

Mutual aid networks and other resources

How is RG funded?

Resource Generation is 95% funded by dues-paying members, most of whom are young people with access to wealth. We also receive program fees (like registration fees for our annual conferences), publication revenue (through book sales), and some foundation support.

As part of RG membership, our staff and organizing community asks all dues-paying members to match their membership dues by at least 10-times to social justice movements. As a result of getting involved with RG, folks with wealth report giving away on average 16-times more money to movements. 

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