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We are more than 1,000+ dues-paying members across the U.S. with 18+ local chapters! Local chapters anchor local RG host activities ranging from monthly praxis meetings and workshops to donor circles and collective action. Explore the map to find the nearest chapter to you.

Austin Chapter

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Bay Area Chapter

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Boston Chapter

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Chicago Chapter

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Colorado Chapter

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Connecticut Chapter

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Los Angeles Chapter

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Maine Chapter

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Michigan Chapter

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Minnesota Chapter

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New York Chapter

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North Carolina Triangle Chapter

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Ohio Chapter

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Philadelphia Chapter

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Portland Chapter

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Seattle Chapter

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Vermont Chapter

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Washington DC Chapter

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Western Mass Chapter

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Are you a young person (18-35 years old) with access to wealth or class privilege in/around Western Mass? Get updates about chapter events by emailing [email protected]

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College Chapters

There are several active RG groups on college campuses across the U.S. There are more students from families in the top one percent than from the entire bottom 60 percent at Ivy Leagues and 33 additional most “selective” colleges [1], meaning college has a lot to do with class privilege! In college and have class privilege? Get involved with RG!