Meet Iris Brilliant!

Iris Brilliant is the new Family Philanthropy and Impact Investing Organizer at Resource Generation. She grew up in the Marin County, CA and currently lives in a seven-person collective in Oakland, CA. Her first praxis group at RG was so transformative that it continues to meet, even after two years. She then joined the Bay Area Leadership Team, where she formed the first ever Jewish Praxis group, which explored the intersection of class privilege and Jewish identity and history. With a family background in philanthropy, Iris has been immersed in the philanthropic world since the age of fourteen, and has often found herself to be one of a few young adults at philanthropic conferences. As a result, she is passionate about supporting the leadership development of young adults in the philanthropic world and their implementation of social change values and practices into philanthropy. Previously, Iris was an editor at Make/shift Magazine, a feminist magazine based in Los Angeles,CA, and an intern at the Catalyst Project, a white anti-racist organization in San Francisco, CA.

Iris loves working with other wealthy young adults who take their lives and vision for social change seriously; she believes that young adults are more powerful than we can imagine. In her spare time, she performs songs on the ukulele, studies somatic coaching, teaches Hatha yoga, reads magical realism and instigates conversations about money with strangers.
Contact Iris at [email protected] if you want to get involved in Resource Generation and your family has a foundation, or if you are involved in your family’s giving. You can also contact her if you are interested in impact investing (also known as socially responsible or mission-related investing).