Fighting the Abortion Bans and for Reproductive Justice

At Resource Generation, we are saddened and enraged at the escalating attacks on reproductive rights and the policing of our bodies that the most recent wave of anti-abortion bans represents.

We know that pre-Roe v. Wade people with wealth who needed a safe abortion were often able to pay top dollar to receive services here or were able to fly to places where abortion was legal. Wealth inequality continues to play a major role in who is able to access abortion and other health services today. In addition to fighting these bans and for reproductive justice, we must fight for wealth redistribution every day.

Bodily autonomy should not be predicated on wealth; everyone should be able to make choices about what is best for their bodies and lives regardless of class.

These bans are the result of decades of incremental chipping away at reproductive health choices. This orchestrated strategy directly harms women, transgender and gender nonconforming people. Some of us who might be less at risk as a result of this kind of legislation may be experiencing this wave as a surprise, an emergency, or a rapid response moment, others have been in crisis around it for a long time already. Wealthy people experience fewer barriers to getting health services, abortion included. Poor and working-class people who need access to abortion already experience additional barriers, which will increase as a result of these attempted bans. These efforts are a highly visible and loud result of long term, quiet organizing by conservative forces, including massive anti-choice funding.  Simultaneously, women of color-led reproductive justice organizing and organizing in the South has been chronically underinvested.

In cases when the path forward may feel unstable or unclear, we invite members to return to our social justice philanthropy principles: to transform the root causes of injustice by supporting the people who are impacted by those injustices as leaders and decision makers. So give to women of color, queer and trans-led reproductive justice organizing efforts today. Respond to their calls to action. Stay steady in your commitments, and increase them as you increase your resource redistribution.

One way to support this work today is to join our partners Groundswell Fund and Third Wave Fund which have been supporting reproductive justice organizing for the long haul and who are familiar with the landscape and prepared to send resources to frontline organizing. You can also give directly to this list of organizations RG developed drawing from Groundswell Fund and Third Wave Fund.

Local and Grassroots trans people of color-led organizations that center reproductive justice in their work: Sylvia Rivera Law Project (New York, NY)+ | TGI Justice Project (San Francisco, CA)* | TKO Society (Selma, AL)* | Trans Queer Pueblo (Phoenix, AZ)* | Trans Sistas of Color Project (Detroit, MI)* | Trans Women of Color Collective (Washington, DC)*

Once you fund and follow these groups, check out the funder briefings, Power & Vision in the Reproductive Justice Movement, led by Groundswell Fund on June 24th and June 25th. 


The reproductive justice movement is ready to lead and receive ongoing support. Start, recommit, and level up your support of people of color-led reproductive justice organizing, abortion funds, and independent clinics today.