Are you RG’s next Chapter Organizing Director?

We are excited to announce we are launching our search for our next Chapter Organizing Director!
The heart of our organizing is community, and one of the primary ways we build this community together is through our chapters! Can you imagine Resource Generation before chapters? In our early years, RG focused on national retreats, and over time we realized the power of building strong local chapters that take action together. We now have 17 chapters across the country who are the foundation of our work – organizing praxis groups, training leaders, showing up for local partners, giving together, and building strong relationships.

Mobilizing resources is one of the primary ways young people with wealth can leverage their unique access on behalf of social movements.

Sarah Abbott has spent the last six years building our chapter organizing model. Sarah will be taking on a new role with our organization as our Resource Mobilization Director. This role will help us better understand, organize and coordinate the ways our base moves money as a community. Sarah will step into this new position starting on September 1, 2017, which means we are beginning the search for a new Chapter Organizing Director!

We are looking for a stellar organizer and team leader to help take our base building and leadership development work to the next level. Our Chapter Organizing Director will:

  1. Oversee our leadership development and base building work through RG local chapters.
  2. Co-lead the organizing team with the Campaign Director and/or Resource Mobilization Director and ensure that the chapter organizing work is well integrated into all other aspects of the work.
  3. Serve as an organizational lead on
    • building our base of young people of color with wealth, and
    • ensuring that a racial justice lens is integrated throughout our chapter organizing

Check out the full job description below and help us share this position far and wide! The application deadline is July 5, 2017. We will be reviewing applicants on a rolling basis and encourage early applications.

Chapter Organizing Director Job Details

Resource Generation is a national multi-racial, membership-based organization of people 35 and under with access to wealth who are using their money, power, and resources to support social, economic, and racial justice. We are seeking a senior-level leader to join our organizing team.

The Chapter Organizing Director is responsible for ensuring that RG’s 17 chapters are thriving, and that our team of 5 organizers have the resources and support they need to reach their goals. The Chapter Organizing Director works closely with the Campaign Director and Resource Mobilization Director to develop and implement RG’s organizing strategy, with a focus on basebuilding, leadership development, and chapter infrastructure. Like all of RG’s organizational leaders, they are expected to apply an intersectional racial justice lens to their work.

The Chapter Organizing Director’s success will be measured by the strength of our chapters. A strong chapter has a cohesive leadership team, takes action and makes external impact, and recruits, retains, and develops new members with a particular focus on building our base of young people of color with wealth, anti-racist and anti-classist leadership development with our multiracial base, and building our base of young people with family foundations. The Chapter Organizing Director will serve as the organizational lead on our strategy to build our base of young people of color with wealth. They will also work to ensure that the chapter organizing is well integrated with other aspects of our work, including campaigns, our work around giving and investing, communications, fundraising, and data management.

The Chapter Organizing Director will manage our Retreat Organizer, and work closely with them to organize our retreats. They will ensure that all national retreats are strategically serving our mission, and integrate organizational priorities. (Retreats include our annual Making Money Make Change, bi-annual Transforming Family Philanthropy, and rotating leadership retreats).

Location: Resource Generation is headquartered in New York City with chapter organizers based in NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, and Oakland. Remote applicants will be considered with an expectation of moderate travel, especially within the first 6 months.
Compensation: Salary range is in the low-to-mid $60,000s. Generous benefits include health, vision, and dental insurance, 403(b) plan, and three weeks of paid vacation.
To Apply: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please send your cover letter, resume, and list of three references to [email protected] with “Chapter Organizing Director job application” in the subject line. Applications submitted by July 5th will be given preference. The ideal start date for this position is September 4. If the job posting is still up we are still accepting applications.
Job responsibilities

  1. Oversee our leadership development and base building work through RG local chapters.
  • Ensure that we’re reaching our chapter organizing goals and that we’re organizing key constituencies, especially people of color and people with family foundations, in order to win campaigns and mobilize resources.
  • Support the organizers in meeting their goals, by ensuring they are skilled and trained in the following:
    • Building and retaining a base of young people with wealth
    • Strong racial justice analysis
    • Effectively organizing young people of color with wealth
    • Effectively organizing young people with family foundations
    • Deeply understanding that fundraising is organizing, making effective member asks and getting others to do the same
    • Building power as a chapter, in relationship with poor and working class organizations, and that can be leveraged toward collective wins
    • Are able to transfer all of the above skills to RG member-leaders!
  • Directly supervise 2+ full-time chapter organizers and support them to reach their goals. Support our organizing team to learn from one another, and to integrate organizational priorities across our work.
  • Drive our overall chapter organizing strategy, including decisions about development of new chapters, identifying strategic basebuilding opportunities
  1. Co-lead the organizing team with the Campaign Director and Resource Mobilization Director and ensure that the chapter organizing work is well integrated into all other aspects of the work.
  • Co-lead goal-setting, budgeting process and other key decisions for the organizing team.
  • Working closely with the Campaign Director, integrate chapter organizing with campaign work.
    • Work closely with Campaign Director to roll out campaign sequencing in chapters, assess local chapter landscape and set and determine campaign goals.
    • Holds strategic organizational relationships, as necessary.
  • Working closely with the Resource Mobilization Director, integrate chapter organizing with our giving and investing strategies.
  • Supervise the Retreat Organizer and serve as a thought partner on determining our national retreat strategy and ensure it builds on our year-round chapter-based organizing work.
    • Help set yearly goals for the retreats and oversee the organizers’ role in hitting those goals.
    • Lead some elements of the retreat program (e.g., plenaries or workshops) and provide in-depth feedback and thought partnership on all aspects of retreats.
  • Ensure that chapter organizing work is well integrated with all other aspects of the work, including internal and external communications, fundraising to sustain the organization, and data to support organizing and track impact.
  • Work closely with Development Director to integrate dues-paying membership recruitment into our year-round chapter organizing, and engage members in our twice-annual fundership appeals.
  • Participate in bimonthly strategy team meetings to shape organizational direction and advise on key programming and campaign work.
  1. Serve as an organizational lead on our multiracial base building.
  • Drive the big picture vision for our multiracial basebuilding, especially as we build this area of work more deeply into our organizing.
    • Develop an understanding of the landscape.
    • Develop high-level, creative partnerships through one-on-one outreach.
    • Determine organizational multiracial base building goals and develop solutions to challenges as they arise.


  • Exceptional organizer: proven track record (2+ years) of getting people to take collective action, ideally in a multiracial grassroots community organizing context, which does not need to have been in a paid staff role.
  • Strong relationship-builder: cultivates trust, responsive to feedback, thrives in a highly collaborative environment, eager to support others.
  • Results-oriented: someone who gets it done, who is persistent, creative, and solutions-oriented no matter what the obstacles are.
  • Demonstrated ability to build trust and high-level relationships with organizations primarily led by and for people of color.
  • Strong manager: experience leading teams to accomplish results.
  • Basic understanding of class, classism, and their own class identity.
  • Demonstrated commitment to economic and racial justice.
  • Belief in the importance of organizing young people with wealth to become leaders in movements for justice.

Please share this opening with your networks — thank you!


Resource Generation (RG) is the only organization in the U.S. organizing young people with access to wealth toward the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power. 

As a result of becoming a member of Resource Generation, our members end up giving away 16-times more money to economic and racial justice organizations than they did before. Learn more and support our work by becoming a member here. If you need help figuring out your class background, check out our definition of wealth and/or fill out this intake form to have one our national organizers get in touch with you.