Standing With Our Muslim, Refugee, and Immigrant Neighbors, Friends, and Family

We stand with our Muslim, refugee, and immigrant neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers against Islamophobia and racism, pledge to stand with them now, and show up for them in the future.
In response to the Trump administration’s racist and Islamophobic Executive Order banning immigration and refugees from Muslim-majority countries, thousands of people across the country turned out at airports, places of worship, federal buildings, city landmarks, and marched down streets to protest the unconstitutional and immoral Muslim ban and stand in solidarity with Muslim Americans, immigrants, and refugees.

Many more acts of protest are continuing to take place across the country — Yemeni-owned corner stores (bodegas) went on strike yesterday in New York City, mass deletions of Uber will cost the global corporation billions (the CEO just stepped down from his position on Trump’s economic advisory council due to public pressure), and Sally Yates, the acting Attorney General, was fired for standing up to Trump’s bigotry by refusing to enforce the Muslim ban. During Trump’s first week, he also signed an Executive Order to increase the border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and further militarize its border patrol agents.

Right now, there is major momentum against Trump’s Muslim ban and anti-immigrant agenda; let’s do our part to build on it and keep it going.

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Photo credit: CNN

At Resource Generation, we envision a world in which all communities are powerful, healthy, and living in alignment with the planet; this world is racially and economically just, and wealth, land, and power are shared. Fighting for that world means that, we, as young people with wealth, stand in solidarity with our Muslim, refugee, undocumented, and immigrant neighbors, friends, and family, and the communities that are being targeted by Trump’s white supremacist, xenophobic, and racist agenda.

Here are some ways to take action:

  • Give to the grassroots organizations led by communities most affected by Trump’s agenda. Right now, organizations led by and for Muslim Americans, immigrants, refugees, people of color, and undocumented people know what it will take to protect their communities. Their expertise and strength are indispensable. Check out our Giving Guide: Give Big, Give Now, and Keep Giving for Social Justice.
  • Stay plugged into actions by connecting with local organizations working on Muslim civil rights, immigrant rights, and refugee support. Sign up for their email alerts and follow them on social to get alerts about actions, rallies, strikes, vigils, and more protests at airports. Those massive #NoMuslimBan protests at airports didn’t happen spontaneously! Frontline organizations worked hard to get people to show up.
  • Call your elected officials every day. Check out 5 calls. This website figures out where you are and auto-dials your elected officials based on issues that are important to you. Go ahead and put those folks’ numbers in your phone, too. Here’s their info. Don’t wait for an email from an organization to make it to your inbox to ask you to make a phone call. When something is going down, which will be any minute and all the time, take a couple minutes to call them and make it clear you won’t stand for any of Trump’s racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, white supremacist agenda.
  • Remember the intersections. The Muslim ban includes a “values test” about acceptance of homosexuality that is intended to drive a wedge between LGBTQ and Muslim communities. Learn more from Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity (MASGD).

It’s vital to consistently show up in what is a social emergency for so many communities under the Trump administration. As young people with wealth, it’s also essential to acknowledge the history of how discriminatory immigration policies have been deployed to promote white supremacy and divide a multi-racial working class against itself to protect the interests of the majority white, upper class — regardless of the political party in power. At Resource Generation, we are committed to focusing on systemic issues and root causes of social and economic injustice instead of looking solely at symptoms. That’s why it’s so critical right now to reflect on how our contemporary political moments are connected to, and a result of, patterns throughout U.S. history, including the increased consolidation of wealth into the hands of a diminishing few.

It’s our role as young people with wealth to disrupt the narrative that excluding, exploiting, and discriminating against immigrants is for our ‘economic interests’ and instead say loud and clear: not this time! Protect our communities, not our wealth.
Iimay Ho, Executive Director, Resource Generation


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