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We are 95+% funded by our members and community supporters to ensure that we don’t have to apply for big grants that should go to grassroots social justice organizations.

On average, as a result of joining RG, young people with wealth give away sixteen-times more money to social justice organizations than they did before. Increasing your membership-dues from the minimum of $250/year to an amount that meaningfully reflects your access to wealth helps sustain our work of reaching more young people with wealth, helping them move money to social justice organizations, and partner with local grassroots organizations led by working-class and poor people fighting for economic and racial justice.

When thinking about what amount to renew your membership dues at, consider:

  • your financial situation
  • your overall giving (we suggest RG membership dues be 10% of your overall giving), and
  • your investment in Resource Generation’s collective commitment to social, economic, and racial justice.

Check out the charts below, too.

Because the movement for the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power is a long-term fight, young people with wealth need to commit to sustaining our work for the long-haul.

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  • Resource Generation’s EIN is 27-1847561

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Renew & Increase your membership dues to RG!
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