Take the RG survey!

Hey RG community,
Please take the RG survey!
It is crucial in helping us in our organizing and will help us to get a read on our community these days. What are people excited about? Why are you involved in RG? What do you want more of from RG? Less of?  What have you done (or do you want to do) with your wealth and privilege since becoming involved?
We want to be the most effective organizers we can be, and we can only do that with your feedback. We won’t be able to do our work well if we don’t know what our community is experiencing. We need YOU (all of you!) to give us these reflections. Please take some time and fill out this survey today!
In case you need some more reasons….
1. Similar to the MMMC Money Survey, the survey is a great opportunity for people to reflect on and quantify their personal journey in RG.
2. It will help our organizing. The questions in the survey will help us see what aspects of RG have been effective, what informs people’s processes, what people are doing and how it’s all connected. Amazing!
3. It helps demonstrate why supporting RG is important. The survey gives us hard data to help us illustrate how effective and critical our work is.
4. The survey touches on all the areas where we try to affect change. That’s why it takes a minute to fill out, but it gives us a huge amount of information.
You can read about all the details in the intro letter on the survey. If you have questions, you can reach out to Laura Wernick who designed the survey:  Laura Wernick, [email protected], 734-615-4660.
Thank you for all you do and helping with this important project!