Partners of Young People with Wealth: North Carolina RG’s amazing, strong, fierce Partner Praxis Group

By: The North Carolina Partner Praxis Group

The North Carolina partner praxis group is a fierce, loving, and caring community. We are a group of Resource Generation members who are partners of young people with wealth. We come from poor, … Continue reading »

Building the RG base

membershiprecruitmentLast year at the 2014 Transformative Leadership Institute, we tried a small experiment that I borrowed from my last job at KFTC.  It was called “Each One Reach One” and it was our first official trial of an organized member recruiting members program here at RG. TLI participants greeted the idea with a lot of enthusiasm and it was a fun and great way to gauge where some of our leaders were around building RG power collectively. By the end of the trial, five new members joined and an additional three more joined later on due to an initial ask from one of our leaders.

Why was this project important? Building a dues-paying base of members who fund their own organization is a measure of our power, investment, and commitment to this work. Our movement is built on what each of us can give in time and resources. It’s not a new strategy. As RG’s Program Director Sarah Abbott once said, it’s an age-old strategy cultivated and used by many other leaders before us who have laid the groundwork for this work to happen.  At RG, we are really blessed to have a robust and committed membership base and it’s made a lot of phenomenal work possible. However, we have some pretty ambitious goals and to reach them, we’ll need to grow.

Since the Each One Reach One campaign, the staff here at RG have worked to weave language around membership into all of our areas of work . We had some great member leaders reach out and recruit friends and family during the fall campaign and we are seeing our numbers exceed previous years. We exceeded our goal of recruiting 50 new members before the end of the year. Right now we have 332 members and we are on track to growing to 600 strong by 2020.

Two RGers that really dug into base-building and membership recruitment this fall were our Family Philanthropy organizer Iris Brilliant and Western Massachusetts chapter leader Adam Roberts. I caught up with them to ask a few question on their work.


Reflections on RG’s first Fall Fundraising Campaign

kateericaAs the Associate Director of RG, fundraising is one of my main responsibilities. I was nervous in the weeks leading up to our fall fundraising campaign. Not only was it my first appeal, but we also decided to make significant changes to the process.

Yes, my first appeal and we decided to change things. Pretty silly, right? But after receiving feedback from our membership base and broader community, we decided it was important to ask everyone – current, renewing, and expired members – to contribute to RG. This would be a big shift from previous years where we only targeted members who were expiring or expired. We wanted to give everyone a chance to connect with a RG staff or board member about our work, because we care about and depend on that feedback. We also wanted to take the opportunity to personally thank our members for the time, energy, and resources they give to RG. As for our current members, we invited them to give a special gift during the appeal because we know that donating money is an opportunity for members to express their appreciation for and investment in this community.


Best and Worst Donor Practices

Piggy BankHere at RG are currently in the midst of our Fall Campaign.  You might have seen a spiffy looking mailer from us in your mailbox and you’ll likely getting a phone call soon. We are looking forward to chatting with all of you, getting some feedback on our work this year, collecting suggestions for RG’s future, and of course renewing your investment.

We are also heading to the busiest grant making time of year! Many of you have likely starting thinking about your giving already but I still felt that it’s an opportune time to share some collective knowledge from our allies and leaders around best and worst donor practices. Enjoy!


It’s nice to meet you…

Hello Resource Generation! My name is Colette Henderson and I became your new Membership Associate as of the beginning of this month. I come to RG and New York City from down south in Louisville, Kentucky where my passion and commitment for movement building was born. I’m so excited and happy to be here in this new chapter of my life and to participate in the great work of RG.

Let me start with a little background about myself. I was born in Seattle, Washington and was raised in Olympia, Washington. I moved to Indiana to attend Earlham College and after finishing there, I spent the next few years worming my way down to Louisville, KY where I planted for a little over a decade. In Louisville, I got a Master’s in Social Work because I was interested in working in mental health. Through formal work and practicum experience, I began to understand that there were many systems in place that made it impossible for people to succeed.  I began to see the plethora of inequity around me. I became less blinded to the racism and classicism that was built into our society and myself. My focus and interest shifted to social change and movement building and it’s where my heart has been ever since.


Let’s stretch together! My Spring Appeal Letter for RG

Dear Friends of RG,

Happy Resource Generation 15th Anniversary! It is an honor to ask you to support RG as I transition off staff.

Will you join me by donating today?

Today is the day with the greatest disparity in the distribution of wealth since the Gilded Age a century ago. The top 1% own (have a net worth of) more than 90% of America’s households combined. And the disparity is getting worse. Not the world you want to live in, right? Not good for you, not good for anyone.

But we know that the world could look really different… (more…)