Staff Transitions

Hello RG Community,
We have some updates on staffing we want to share with you.
We are excited to announce that we have hired Sarah Schwartz Sax as our new Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy (CCTFP) Retreat Director and Richard Graves as our new Family Philanthropy Organizer.
Sarah has been a leader in RG for several years now and just wrapped up being the Retreat Director for our incredibly successful 2011 Making Money Make Change (MMMC) Retreat. She previously worked at the Institute for Policy Studies and has been organizing community-based progressive events, forums and programming for over 4 years. She lives in Durham, North Carolina with her partner Meg Coward and is a massage therapist among many other things. Find out more by reading her bio, here.
Richard found RG just this year when he attended the 2011 CCTFP Retreat and became part of our Next Gen Fellowship in Mission Related Investing.
He immediately loved the community and mission, and has dove in with passion and lots of helpful experience and skills. He brings many years of organizing experience as climate activist, social entrepreneur, and online journalist to the position. He was born and lives in Washington, DC and collects cooking equipment from around the world. Learn more here.
We also want to announce that Sheriden Booker, our Admin and Development Coordinator, has moved on from Resource Generation. She remains a part of our RG community and we encourage you to reach out and stay in touch. You can reach Sheriden at [email protected]. We have hired Miriam Fogelson, [email protected], as a temporary Admin Coordinator, and will be sending out a job posting for a permanent position in the next weeks.
We are continuing to learn lots as we grow and expand our staff and figure out the best locations, job descriptions and organizational structure for our work. If you have questions at any time, please be in touch.
Thanks for your on-going support,
Elspeth and Mike
RG Co-Directors