RG is Consuming My Life—And I Love It!

Lately, Resource Generation seems to be consuming every waking moment of my day! I’m finding myself dreaming about it, talking with my partner about it, vlogging about it, going to conferences about it, and even texting my mother about RG. It’s one of those crazy things that happens when you really believe in something. This all consuming feeling is what I believe happens with us, when we know we’re onto something big – something the whole world should know about. That’s how I feel about RG and our work.
Resource Generation organizes young people with financial wealth to leverage resources and privilege for social change. We spend our time supporting and challenging our community, to use our time, talent and our treasures to create dynamic change in our world and ourselves. We want to change the world by engaging in philanthropy that funds organizing and other powerful work that gets to the root causes that actually produce the injustices we see on a daily basis.
This blog is an opportunity for us to share our stories, share our successes and struggles as we work for equality. This work ain’t easy – it’s a pain when you’re trying to do it alone – so we’ve decided to create an online community to provide some more support and some more fun!
So whether you are a young inheritor, someone who earned their wealth, a young person sitting on their family foundation board, or a blend of all three – you belong here. This community is for you.
I’m looking forward to engaging with you online as we work to change the world. Please write comments, subscribe to our RSS feed, forward on our posts and contact Mike Gast, [email protected], with any ideas or questions.
Rodney McKenzie, Jr.
Executive Director
Resource Generation