RG at AMC!

So many Resource Generation members came out to the Allied Media Conference in Detroit on June 15 – 18! Among them was Emily Bookstein of RG’s Portland Chapter — she spoke to a packed room as part of the panel, Real Talk with Major Donors, that we organized as part of AMC’s Resourcing and Sustaining Our Movements track.

The panel also included Emmanuel Garcia (Crossroads Fund), Nitika Raj (founder of Moksh Creative Consulting and formerly of RG as Director of Racial Justice and Co-Director of Programs), and Patti Aaron  (Detroit local, mom of an RGer, and works with local family foundations). The panel was moderated by our very own Kirin Kanakkanatt, our National Organizer with RG working with the chapters in the Northwest, Mountain West, and New Orleans.

The panel spoke to fundraising from their perspectives as being major donors, navigating power dynamics in giving, and the intersection of redistribution and collective liberation.
Check out the audio of the panel below!

(From left to right: Patti, Nitika, Kirin, Emmanuel, and Emily)


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