People, Get Ready

Initial Dispatch from Chad Jones, Co-Chair of the RG Board (more to come):

descending on Denver

… for Council of Foundations 2010’s weekend of buzz, networking and learning in Denver. My hometown, for those who don’t know — so hopefully we will be getting out of the singular hotels and meeting rooms. Among some of the metro Denver attractions that are in the works are a tequila bar crawl (now, you are not meant to crawl unless you are really hurting), some taco trucks, too.
Sadly, there will be far too many talking heads. And panels. As Open Space Technology has not caught on in most philanthropy circles. Yet.
There will be pre-conferences galore — of/by/for our colleagues over at the EPIP National Conference (which is looking great!). As well as the annual events run by Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, Native Americans in Philanthropy, Hispanics In Philanthropy and Association of Black Foundation Executives. And the oodles of other COF affinity groups.
Also interested in checking out the social justice philanthropy track and the next gen sessions during the main COF conference. An impressive line-up of folks involved. Check out the workshop listings here. Let me know if there are particular sessions or people you want me to check out and I’ll see if I can get a report back.

RG brochure spotted in independent bookstore. Tattered Cover beware!