Program Director

Jes (she/her) believes in possibility and transformation. She is from the south, currently making a home in Durham. Jes was raised in a white working-class family with a strong value of sharing what you have. She came of age and was deeply shaped by the international anti-globalization movement. She is a birth worker, a queer parent, and a lover of games and bad jokes. Jes Kelley is RG’s Program Director. 

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From Beginning to End: Resisting Capitalism

Pandemics are an acute crisis. They put a highlighter on the racial and economic inequities that are chronic, ongoing crises. During this time, Johns Hopkins is keeping a tally of the confirmed cases and deaths from Covid-19. There are terrifying estimates but there...

Unquantifiable Data

Jes with two of her housemates, Delilah the dog and Rosalina the cat. I am a bit of a gambler. Had you asked me at any point what are the odds that you’ll work for an organization that organizes rich people, I would have bet against it. The odds were incredibly low....