Jes Kelley

Jes Kelley

Political Education and Retreats Manager

Jes (she/her) believes that change is inevitable and transformation is constant. Growing up poor in the Southeast, she also knows that sometimes change doesn’t come fast enough. For the last 5 plus years, Jes has gotten to work with an amazing collaborative of trainers who facilitate workshops on dismantling racism, dR works. Jes is excited to be joining RG’s team from a belief that radical wealth redistribution is a crucial part of creating systemic change. Jes is a birth worker, an auntie, a lover of bad puns and good herbal remedies. She works from her home in rural North Carolina amongst dogwoods and loblolly pines. Jes rarely leaves the house without her dog, a tender heart, and a novel in tow.

Contact me if you would like further information about any of our retreats or events.

Unquantifiable Data

I am a bit of a gambler. Had you asked me at any point what are the odds that you’ll work for an organization that organizes rich people, I would have bet against it. The odds were incredibly low. And yet, Resource Generation organizes young people with wealth, and I...

No Guarantees

by RG Retreat Organizer, Jes Kelley I was born in rural Georgia in the deep South. The story always starts there, other pieces get a little hazier. We moved around a lot, throughout small towns in the Southeastern US. I switched schools many time before I was 10. My...