Thank you, Sarah!

It’s a time of transition here at Resource Generation. Sarah Abbott, Director of Resource Mobilization, is leaving after eight years on staff.

Sarah leaves a powerful legacy at RG having been the first for so much of our work — our first full-time chapter organizer, first staff support person for college organizing, first Chapter Organizing Director, and our first Director of Resource Mobilization!!!

Sarah shares, “RG has been my political home for the past decade, and I cannot express the gratitude that I feel to this organization for the ways it has shaped me and has challenged me to grow and learn. Working with members and member leaders has been the best part of my work on staff, and I have deep admiration and appreciation for the labor and brilliance that you each bring to the work of redistributing land, wealth, and power. Thank you for committing to this organization. This work has made my life immeasurably better, and it has been built by so many hands. I’m leaving RG to step into the role of Team Support and Culture Director at the Sunrise Movement, helping build the 2-year-old climate justice organization as it grows and scales rapidly. I look forward to continuing to build power alongside RG toward a world beyond capitalism, in which all people and the planet can thrive.”

She has been dedicated to building member power and leadership, and was key in envisioning and developing our Transformative Leadership Institute and the National Member Council. As the Director of Resource Mobilization she worked closely with members to launch the Giving Pledge and Giving Guidelines. We are deeply grateful for the all of the ways Sarah has shaped RG’s growth, political clarity, and culture and wish her all the best as she joins the Sunrise Movement as the new Team Support and Culture Director.