How We Take Action

We know that telling the truth about wealth and our class backgrounds help expose how deeply unjust and racist the U.S. economic system is and makes our movements for economic and racial justice stronger.

This is why our organizing, story-telling, and programming in RG spaces focuses on the personal, the political, and the systemic in an attempt to make transparent our collective histories and therefore responsibilities as young people with access to wealth and/or class privilege to poor and working-class led movements fighting for racial, economic, and social justice. 

Since its founding in 1998, thousands of young folks have connected with Resource Generation to help square their politics with their values, meaningfully leverage their privilege(s), and understand their collective stake in a future where wealth, land, and power are equitably shared.

We organize to bring our collective power as young people with wealth to challenge racial capitalism at its root, be in solidarity with poor and working-class led movements to effect systemic change, and work toward the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power. 


RG conference there are many people sitting in chairs facing a projector screen in and indoor conference room.

Here’s How We Do That:

Community Organizing With Our Local Chapters

Across the country, young people with access to wealth and class privilege are working toward the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power

From praxis small groups to collective giving to campaign work, chapters are the heart of RG’s organizing.

Explore our Local Chapters here.

Lots of Webinars!

We offer webinars, online events, and provide recordings and as much accessible information (e.g. transcriptions) when possible. Check them out here.


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Praxis Groups

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