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Resource Generation has held a biennial Transforming Philanthropy convening for High Net Wealth and Family Philanthropy members for over a decade.

This year, RG is shifting Transforming Philanthropy to a virtual series format in order to open the event to a wider audience, and to build momentum for an in-person convening in 2024. Transforming Philanthropy will invite speakers from across the philanthropic and social justice landscape to address key themes emerging from the field in 2023. Transforming Philanthropy aims to build community, power, and shared understanding toward justice within and beyond philanthropy.

This program is co-sponsored by the Donors of Color Network, Women Donors Network, Giving Project Network, and Solidaire.



  • A community of other young people, ages 18-35, involved in their family foundations and/or who are personally moving significant funds.
  • Skills-building and learning opportunities through interactive workshops and plenaries, including topics such as understanding philanthropy’s origins and ways to invest in the Solidarity Economy
  • Ongoing support and resources through the Resource Generation High Net Wealth and Family Philanthropy Program.



The 2023 Transforming Philanthropy Event Series is open to everyone. The content is designed for people who care about social, racial, economic, and environmental justice. Whether you have years of experience in philanthropy or are just beginning, this event series will be a place to develop your political framing further and learn from experts in the field.



Contact Sahana, [email protected]. Resource Generation does not share its mailing list.

Registration is open! 

Session 1: Young People with Wealth Building Relationships and Power in Philanthropy

Date: May 22, 2023, 7-8:30pm EST

Description: To launch the series, RG will invite members and alumni to speak about their experiences engaging with philanthropy. Member and alumni guests will represent a range of philanthropic involvement from Executive Directors at their own family foundations to long-term donors of grantmaking intermediaries and members of RG giving circles. This shareout will provide attendees with a sense of how they can engage in the work of transforming philanthropy, and some of the growth and evolution they may encounter along the way. 

Session 2: Mainstream Influences on Social Justice Philanthropy

Date: June 6, 2023, 7-9pm EST

Description: Following the community shareout, this event will take a broader perspective on the philanthropic landscape and highlight recent events that demonstrate a shift in the field such as Mackenzie Scott’s “no strings attached” multi-million dollar grants and the transfer of Patagonia ownership to fight climate change. Attendees will hear from leaders who have witnessed the impacts of changes across the field including Ana Conner (Third Wave Fund) and Steve Dubb (Nonprofit Quarterly). 

Session 3: “Don’t Just Park It” DAFs as an Imperfect Tool in the Redistribution Movement 

Date: June 14, 2023, 7-9pm EST

Description: After exploring shifts across the philanthropic landscape, attendees will have the opportunity to take a deep dive into a specific topic of interest: Donor Advised Funds. Marking the release of RG’s new resource on DAFs as a tool for redistribution, this event will give attendees the chance to confront common patterns associated with DAFs, tricky questions around voluntary and involuntary redistribution (via taxes), and proposed pathways for DAF reform and restructuring. This event will feature DAF experts including Kofo Anifalaje (North Star Fund), Soma Sharan (Amalgamated Foundation), Chuck Collins (Institute for Policy Studies), and Se-ah-dom Edmo (Seeding Justice). 

Session 4: Moving Towards Reparations and Regenerative Philanthropy 

Date: June 20, 2023, 7-9pm EST

Description: To close out the four-part Transforming Philanthropy series, we will invite attendees to learn about and consider how to move towards Reparations and Regenerative Philanthropy alongside a panel of experts from Black and Indigenous organizations who are transforming philanthropy everyday. We will hear from M Adams (M4BL), Jess Housty (Right Relations Collaborative), Aria Florant (Liberation Ventures), and Leila Zainab (Solidarity Ecologies).