Tax deductions on yachts? I can’t.

By Ross Chapman

Campaigning for tax justice is a no-brainer when you see the math — which I did recently (and serendipitously in time for tax season and oncoming protests). The effective tax rates for the rich and poor in this country don’t track the real wealth disparities across our country’s economic chasm, or even the approximately fairer marginal tax rate. It’s a total wtf; the current tax code is gross theft. Tax deductions on yachts? I can’t. Taxes are what we pay for civilized society — and us rich folk, who I’m led to believe are also participants in civilized society, must not be exempt. As a young person who has inherited wealth and also has a high paying job, who makes some money from investments (umm, lower tax rate on capital gains than wages?), I simply don’t pay my fair share. The IRS is driving my getaway car. And that ain’t right.

And while I’ll rumble down with the perfidious robber jingos in the white house for how they abuse our dollars once they get them (who, btw, have median wealth in the millions, cough cough they write the tax code)…I’m newly dedicated, as my accountant scrambles to complete my returns, to show up on Saturday to march with my fam of young people with wealth (Resource Generation), and the rest of y’all; to sing with the chorus for a damn civilized society. Where everyone can have equitable access to the basics. Not a caste system or a dog fight like we have now. The way it stands, I’m gonna be fine. But I won’t be made a thief and I won’t be complicit. Y’all will see my well-fed face come Saturday below a sign that says I’M THE 1%, TAX ME MORE.

Ross Chapman is a member of Resource Generation and organizer in the Bay area.

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