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Classified:  How to stop hiding your privilege and use it for social change

Authored by Karen Pittelman and the Resource Generation team. Classified is Resource Generation’s most popular publication. Download individual chapters below.

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The first half of the book is about understanding privilege.

Intro – How to Use This Book

Chapter 1: This Book Probably Isn’t For Me

Chapter 2: The Classified Files

Chapter 3: Wealth = Class Privilege

Chapter 4: Class Privilege –> Wealth

Chapter 5: The Fancyhood

Chapter 6: The Not So Level Playing Field

Chapter 7: Money Stories

Chapter 8: The Side Effects

Chapter 9: Playing a Supporting Role

The second half of the book is about taking action.

Chapter 10: Using Money For Social Change

Chapter 11: Giving

Chapter 12: Creating a Money Action Plan

Chapter 13: Using Privilege for Social Change

Chapter 14: Creating a Privilege Action Plan

Chapter 15: Whats Next?


Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy

By Alison Goldberg, Karen Pittleman, and Resource Generation

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Family Philanthropy and Social Change


Chapter 1: Philanthropy for Wealthy Families

Chapter 2: Philanthropy for Social Change

Chapter 3: Where Does the Money Go?

Chapter 4: How Are Grants Made?

Chapter 5: Where the Rest of the Money Goes

Chapter 6: How Long Will Family Philanthropy Exist?

Section 2: Taking Action

Introduction to the Taking Action Section

Chapter 7: Assess Where You’re Starting

Chapter 8: Improve Communication

Chapter 9: Research Social Change

Chapter 10: Shift the Funding

Chapter 11: Assess Your Fund’s Grantmaking

Chapter 12: Transform the Grantmaking Process

Chapter 13: Open Up the Decision-Making Process

Chapter 14: Assess Who Holds Power

Chapter 15: Shift the Investments

Chapter 16: Develop a Payout Plan

Chapter 17: Share Your Philanthropic Power

Chapter 18: Create an Action Plan

Conclusion and Appendices


About the Authors

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