Local Chapters

Across the country young people with wealth are stepping up in support of social change…. 

...From praxis small groups to giving projects, local chapters play a major role in advancing RG’s mission:  organizing young people with wealth and class privilege in the U.S. to become transformative leaders working towards the equitable distribution of wealth, land and power.

Resource Generation currently has chapters in: 

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*Emerging chapters in New Orleans, LA, and Burlington, VT.

To get involved with a chapter contact the Chapter Organizer listed below:


Bay Area, CA

Stanford College, CA

Los Angeles, CA


Western Mass, MA

Boston, MA

Burlington Area, VT

Minneapolis, MN

Chicago, IL



Durham/Raleigh, NC

Philadelphia, PA

Washington, DC

Atlanta, GA


CHAPTER ORGANIZER: Kirin Kanakkanatt

New York, NY

Portland, OR

Seattle, WA

Denver/Boulder, CO

New Orleans, LA


Local Programs

Open Houses:  These serve as an entry point for new young people with wealth to find out more about our work, connect with other young people with wealth locally and get involved in local programming. Open houses: Are scheduled quarterly, including after our major events: Making Making Make Change and The Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy Retreat. 

Praxis Groups:  These small groups of young people with wealth gather monthly for a set amount of time, often six months. Praxis Groups deepen your engagement with RG through more consistent and personalized meetings. They’re  perfect for both new and long-standing RG folks. In Praxis Groups you can:

  • Workshop any challenging topics you are facing around your wealth, class and giving.
  • Get continual support and check-ins on your personal goals and action steps.
  • Build relationships and trust with a group of local young people with wealth through regular meetings.

 Member-Led Action Projects:  

These provide an opportunity for RG-ers to take collective action on a local level. Action Projects emerged out of chapters as communities of RG members were moved to practice the social change concepts and values they developed through meeting together. 

Member-Led Action Projects:

  • Span a broad spectrum, from giving circles to specific campaign organizing
  • Focus on collective action, systemic change, partnerships with organizations
  • Provide opportunities for members to put theory into 

Read more about local and national action projects!



Are you in college? Want to get involved in our local chapter organizing? Check out our college organizing page.