Do you believe that social movements can win the world we long for? In order to get there, how much money should young people with access to wealth be giving away? How do we put reparations and redistribution into action?

Resource Generation has developed a set of Giving Guidelines that we hope will challenge and inspire young people with wealth and class privilege to take significant steps forward in our wealth redistribution. RG staff and members, pictured below, lead this webinar exploring questions like, “How much should I give? What gets in my way of taking bolder action? How much money should I save or keep?”

We hope you’ll check out the recorded webinar below, originally recorded on Tuesday, December 4th, to learn about RG’s new Giving Guidelines, Giving Pledge, and how they can support you to align your giving with social justice values.

This webinar is geared toward people with wealth, and we welcome the participation of people from poor, working class, and middle-class experiences. We also welcome people of any age to join the webinar. *Webinar will be recorded*