Webinar: #TaxScamBill & Our Commitment to Wealth Redistribution

Our free webinar, Redistributing Wealth as Young Wealthy People Against the #TaxScamBill, was live on Wednesday, February 28, 2017, at 8pm –  9pm ET/5pm – 6pm PT. Watch below!

The #TaxScamBill — authored by wealthy politicians and hoards of lobbyists to benefit themselves, the richest Americans, and corporations — ensures that wealth will be further consolidated among a few, including progressive young people with access to wealth and class privilege and our families.

All of us, as young people with wealth, will get richer from this bill, regardless of our politics. We have the responsibility to pay attention to the details of this bill and redistribute this money right back to those on the frontlines of the struggle for economic and racial justice.

This webinar reviewed the final #TaxScamBill in order to understand:

– the details of the tax bill, figure out how much young people with wealth will benefit, and what this means for everyone’s lives in the long-term
– how we can take action and meaningfully redistribute wealth in solidarity with working-class and poor communities leading movements for economic and racial justice
– how to pay attention to tax policy as existing infrastructure that we can use to develop the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power at scale
– how this bill is connected to how we value labor, worker’s rights, and economic justice in the U.S. 

Hosted by:

Sam Waxman (she/her) is a member of Resource Generation’s National Member Council and has several years experience working in tax research. Sam is based in Washington, D.C. where she can usually be found biking around the city and trying to finish too many craft projects. She has been organizing in RG since 2011 and has been a chapter leader for several years, including work on tax justice campaigns in the District. Sam joined the National Member Council and the campaign team because she’s fired up about RGers building power, speaking out, and winning big.

Alexis Goldstein (she/her) is a Senior Policy Analyst at Americans for Financial Reform. Alexis spent seven years working on Wall Street. After leaving Wall Street, she became active in Occupy Wall Street, co-founding a group that wrote a 325-page comment letter to the financial regulators urging to write a strong Volcker Rule. She’s discussed taxes & the economy at many media outlets including CNN, HBO, MSNBC, PBS Frontline, and a documentary on inequality, “The Divide.”

Yahya Alazrak (they/them) is a member of Resource Generation and on staff as a National Organizer and Coordinator of POC Programs. Yahya comes to social justice work out of a deep sense of love for their family and community and a need for our collective liberation to be possible. Studying Religious Studies and Community and Justice Studies at Guilford College was a part of their constant journey to understand love and make it visible. They spent their early years in Morocco, Florida, and Massachusetts. They are now in Philadelphia, and learning to call that new place home. Outside of Resource Generation, they stay connected to communities that are important to them by spending time on the boards of the USA Cooperative Youth Council and Transfaith.

Resource Generation is a national, multiracial membership organization of young people (18-35) with class privilege and access to family, current, earned, or future wealth committed to the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power. Learn more and become a member here.