Supporting Black-led, Black Liberation

It Starts Today*!

Young People Investing in a Future Free of Racism

A Resource Generation Campaign to Support Black-Led Organizing for Black Liberation

We did it! The RG community collectively gave $1.4 million to over 100 Black-led organizing groups around the U.S. We are so proud of the RG community for showing up the way we have in the past 10 months. As is evident, this is just the beginning (on the shoulders of a long history and legacy) of our work to support the end of white supremacy, anti-Black racism, and state-sanctioned violence.

The content and guides we collectively worked to create for this campaign have been moved to our resource section.


Resource Generation envisions a world in which all communities are powerful, healthy, and living in alignment with the planet. A world that is racially and economically just in which wealth, land and power are shared.

*This is a play on “It stops today,” a statement made by Eric Garner, moments before his death that has since become a hashtag and rallying cry across the United States.



As RG, we are responding to the call to action by young Black leaders who are leading the Movement for Black Lives**.

We know that race is deeply intertwined with class and wealth, and that the history of  wealth inequality and accumulation is a history of institutionalized racism. We recognize white supremacy as a tool of social control used for centuries by the ruling elite, to keep wealth in the hands of a few. To make positive changes to our economic system, we need to work for racial justice and end racism.

At this moment of incredible movement organizing to end anti-Black racism and state violence, we are calling on our community to stretch, to give above and beyond what we already do to support this spark to spread.

Please see the Resource Section for the archive of the webpages from this campaign.