Mutual Code of Conduct

This code of conduct serves to outline the principles that Resource Generation holds as a collective, and will grow and change as we do.  We ask that staff and members seek to operate from these shared values within RG Spaces.

  • We expect a commitment to understanding racism, classism, and other social or positional systems of power.  We will apply our understanding of power dynamics in building relationships across difference.
  • We expect our RG community to practice integrity and honesty, in alignment with the mission and values of Resource Generation.
  • We will seek to better understand one another. In times of tension, we will focus on specific behavior and not attack character.
  • We expect commitments to each other and other movement groups to be made intentionally and taken seriously.  This entails clear and proactive communication around commitments, especially those that can no longer be met.
  • We commit to building a principled movement culture where we approach other movement orgs directly to seek clarity, repair and growth when there are concerns.
  • We will exercise confidentiality and ask permission as it concerns personal information about members, staff, and community partners. We will practice digital security.
  • We will hold each other accountable with love and intention, with our minds and hearts focused on the dismantling of white supremacy and classism towards a vision of liberation for all.

If someone acts outside this code of conduct, either staff or members pursue member pathways for disagreement, harm, and conflict resolution.

Updated Wednesday, March 29, 2023.