MMMC Travel & Lodging

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We’ve set up the MMMC 2015 Travel Form (intake form) and MMMC 2015 Travel Spreadsheet (overview of responses) where you can coordinate with other conference attendees for carpools, shared taxis, etc. If you’re coming from out of town the night before the conference, you can also use the Travel Form and Travel Spreadsheet to find a place to stay.

This travel form is for you.  You are responsible for your own travel arrangements getting to and from the retreat center.  You should contact other attendees from this list directly to coordinate travel, carpools, or other arrangements.

Please take a moment to fill out the travel planning form. It will help you find a ride, help other attendees find you if you’re offering a ride, and help us to know how many people to expect on the shuttle to the train station and airport.

Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center is located at 5425 Mt Gilead Rd, Reisterstown, MD 21136 outside of Baltimore, MD.


If flying, you will be traveling in and out of Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI).

If you are traveling via train, you will arrive at Baltimore Penn Station.

You are responsible for your arrival to the Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center.



Please fill out the MMMC 2015 Travel Form (especially if you’d like a ride on the shuttle so we know how many to reserve) and view the MMMC 2015 Travel Spreadsheet in order to contact other retreat participants.  You will need $15 in cash for the shuttles.

Since plans often change, we will have a sign-up sheet for ride shares on Sunday.


Retreat center details:

  • You do not need to bring towels or bedding.
  • The retreat center has Wifi access and cell phone reception. That said, we ask that while on retreat you use phones and computers only when it is absolutely necessary.  MMMC is about connecting with and spending time with the folks right in front of us!
  • The Pearlstone Center is kosher facility (no meat & dairy served at the same meal; no pork or shellfish ever); therefore; you cannot bring outside food or food containers (including coffee mugs and water bottles) into the main building. None of the plates or silverware may leave the main building.  Thank you for respecting this practice.
  • The Pearlstone Center is happy to accommodate vegetarian and vegan dietary preferences as well as any food allergies.  Please let RG staff know on your registration forms about any dietary requests.
  • If you have special dietary needs and need to bring your own food to supplement the dining hall meals, there are shared fridges in dorm lobbies; however, that food may not be brought into the main dining facility.  
  • Check out: Your check out time is at 9:30 AM on Sunday morning. This means we need you to have all your belongings out of your rooms.  Your luggage can be stored until your departure. When leaving your room, we ask that you strip the sheets and pillowcases from your beds and stuff them all into one pillowcase.  This should not include the mattress pad, blankets or comforters. Please make sure that all the garbage is placed into the garbage bins in your rooms.


Average temperatures in November range from 45 – 62 degrees.  We might experience some rain.  We suggest bringing:

  • Comfortable walking shoes and warm boots
  • Layered clothing for indoors and outdoors
  • Winter coat
  • Rain gear


The site is wheelchair accessible.  Please contact the Retreat Director if you are in a wheelchair or have mobility needs: Tiffany Brown [email protected] (831) 334-1873


MMMC IS a fragrance-free space. We ask that, when packing for MMMC this year, you are mindful that multiple participants coming to MMMC are sensitive to the chemicals and scents that most of us casually utilize and interact with every day. MMMC is requesting that participants make an effort to adopt a scent-free routine for the conference. We ask that participants are scent-aware when packing, meaning, when you can eliminate a chemical or scent that you might have otherwise brought into the space, please make an effort to do so!

Minimizing chemicals and scents can be a lot to keep track of, so here are a few helpful tips to follow. We know this won’t be 100% perfect, but do your best.

  1. If possible, wash your clothing in scent-free detergent before bringing to MMMC
  2. Leave perfume and essential oils at home when you can
  3. See if you can switch out scented hair and body products for unscented ones (unscented soap, shampoo, and conditioner available for use at MMMC)