MMMC Cost Breakdown

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 4.27.27 PMIn the spirit of transparency, we are sharing the basic costs associated with putting on MMMC. The three major areas of expenses are:

  • Conference Center (includes meeting spaces, lodging and food) – It is difficult to find a truly affordable retreat center that we can have to ourselves, that is near a major airport and can accommodate 80 people or more. Our retreat center cost is roughly $65,000.
  • Programming – We pay honoraria, travel, food and lodging for every presenter who is unable to cover their own costs. This is a key way that we are able to support the participation of a broad range of folks, with varied class backgrounds, from across the country. We also provide an all-day leadership training for returning attendees who will be small group leaders. Our programming costs tend to be around $33,000.
  • Planning – In addition to other RG staff who will spend time planning MMMC, we have a full-time Retreat Organizer who has major responsibilities to facilitate the whole planning process and coordinate with facilitators, presenters and participants. The total staff/personnel costs average about $45,000.00 this year.

In total, the cost of putting on MMMC is about $140,000. That means it cost about $1,750 for each young person with wealth. The event tends to have between 100 – 120 total attendants, 80 – 85 of the participants are young people with wealth (the remainder are partners of people with wealth, presenters, and staff). As not all participants are able to pay the full registration cost, we rely on foundations and other donations from past and current attendees to subsidize the full participation for presenters and some of the attendees. We raise funds from foundations, aligned wealth management firms and supporting allies. We aim to raise about $27,350 from institutional sponsors.

We have estimated the full registration cost (including planning, Reflective Leadership, retreat center rental, food, lodging and program costs) for each young person with wealth to be $1,750.


Full-cost registration:

$1,750 ($1,650 for RG Members*): If possible, we ask participants to pay the full per-person cost of $1,750. Right now, MMMC is subsidized and supported by progressive foundations that are leading the way in supporting grassroots movements for change. In the long-term, it makes sense for us as progressive young people with wealth to take on the cost of the retreat, and help foundations instead move the resources they put into MMMC into grassroots movements. If you are able, please join others in paying a the full cost of your participation.

Solidarity registration:

$1,800 – $2,800+ ($1,700+ for RG Members*) As people who recognize the value of this conference in our lives and to our movements, it makes sense for us to take responsibility for a larger part of its costs. Many folks are not able to pay the at-cost fee. If you can, please consider paying more than the cost of only your own registration, and join us in our efforts to get MMMC to a place where young people with wealth not only lead and support each other’s journeys, but also give financial leadership and support to keep this community and this space available.

Subsidized registration:

$750 – $1,650+ ($650-$1,550+ for RG Members*): This lower registration cost might be more appropriate for participants who don’t currently have access to wealth. Many people who attend MMMC expect to inherit wealth in the future or grew up in families with wealth, but might currently have difficulty affording full registration costs. If this category pertains to you, please pay what you can within this sliding scale.

Partner registration:

$500 – $900+ ($400 – $800+ for RG members*) This registration is appropriate for poor-, working- and middle-class partners of young people with wealth. Please pay what you can within and above this sliding scale.

*Not sure if you’re a member? Contact [email protected].

Please contact our Events & Operations Associate, Faisal Alam, at [email protected] if you would like information about our budget or if you have questions.