We are currently living in the most extreme wealth inequality in modern history. As young people, this stops with our generation. Signing the Giving Pledge means making a commitment to give a specific amount of money to social justice movements over a set period of time.

Resource Generation is working toward a vision in which wealth, land, and power are equitably shared. We believe that grassroots social movements led by people in the Global South, people of color, poor and working-class communities, women, and queer and trans people are our best hope for achieving this vision.

As part of a coordinated strategy to systemically redistribute wealth and repair the harm created by wealth extraction, RG asks our members to take bold action with the resources currently under our and our families’ control, moving toward greater alignment with humanity and the planet. To find out more, read our Giving Guidelines

people with access to wealth signed RG's Giving Pledge in 2020, pledging $68M+ to social justice movements. Can you help us get to $100M+ in 2021?

We invite people with access to wealth to sign the pledge below for multiple years or for one year. 


Accountability is important. Resource Generation staff or member leaders will follow up with you about whether you have met your pledge in the months surrounding its deadline. 

**This data is updated about once every couple weeks.