Advancing Social Justice Through Family Philanthropy


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Schedule of Retreats:

West Coast and Mountain West chapters: Bay AreaAugust 26-28 Register Here!

East Coast chapters: Philadelphia, Sept. 30-Oct. 2Register Here!

These retreats are an opportunity for members to share about your work, be inspired by other chapters, deepen relationships and analysis while strengthening skills for multiracial base building, campaign work, membership recruitment, and deepening our anti-oppression skills and practice! (See sample agenda below)

There will be three regional retreats this summer and fall held in or outside of Chicago, Philadelphia, and the Bay Area. They are a good fit for chapter leaders, praxis group leaders, campaign committee members, people doing 1:1s, or otherwise leading in our chapter work. We also welcome emerging leaders. If you have questions about whether this is a good fit for you, please ask your National Organizer.

We hope these retreats will catalyze chapters into even stronger, grounded, strategic organizing. More intimate than our national retreats, there will be between 20-35 participants and lots of opportunity for relationship building. In alignment with our ask of all RG leaders to be members, you must be a dues-paying member to attend.

We look forward to seeing with you in the upcoming months!

If you are interested in finding out more contact your National Organizer, or Retreat Organizer Jes Kelley at [email protected].

Sample Retreat Agenda (Note: Each retreat will be slightly different)


12-1 Lunch + registration

1-2:45- Welcome + Storytelling

3-4:45- Chapters present about their work and engage in dialogue

5-6- Dinner (POC dinner)

6:15-7:30- Skillshare, led by members or Organizing Panel w Local Activists

8 onward- Evening fun time– games, bonfire


8-9- Breakfast

9-12:30- Anti-racism/anti-classism training– How to apply anti-oppression practices to your chapter organizing, with a focus on multiracial basebuilding and organizational relationship building

12:30-1:30- Lunch (throughout retreat at meals, participants self-organize topic tables)

1:30-2:30- Skillshare, led by members

2:30-3- Break w/snacks

3-5- National Campaign: Reporting back from the June National Campaign Summit on what direction our national campaign is taking, and what this means for chapters and local campaigns

5-6:30- Dinner w/self-defined topic tables/open space

6:30-7:30 Skillshare, member-led

8 onward- Open Mic + party


8:30-9:30- Breakfast

9:30-11:15- Building power through building our membership: What does RG membership have to do with building power?

11:15-11:30- Break w/snacks

11:30-1- Integration, Visioning, and Closing

1- Goodbyes and lunch!

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Weekend getaway–RG style.

Planting the Seeds of the World We Envision: Announcing Resource Generation’s Transformative Investing Principles

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Got some class privilege going on?

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