Donate to the Southern Power Fund

RG is raising $1 Million for the Southern Power Fund!

Four southern pillar organizations, Alternate Roots, The Highlander Center, Project South and Southerners On New Ground, each with decades long history in the struggle for Black liberation, are challenging philanthropy at large to raise $10 million dollars by September 30, 2020.

$8 million of these dollars will be redistributed to over 200 Black led organizations across the Southern region. These include organizations like AgitArte, People’s Advocacy Institute, Smile Trust, Inc., The Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy, & The Ordinary People’s Society (TOPS) and many many more. 

$2 million of these dollars will seed a community-controlled fund that will resource Black, southern led organizations with eyes toward the future.

How to give

This is a 2-part action

Please do step 1 and step 2 🙂

Step one: Contribute to one of the orgs that make up the Southern Power Fund

These following orgs make up the Southern Power Fund.

Please donate to one of the organizations below; these funds are being moved & decided upon collectively and donating to one, rather than several or all four, reduces processing and admin labor.

Please give directly to 1 of the organizations linked below, and include “for the Southern Power Fund” in the note or memo space.


Step two: Tracking and accountability

Once you’ve contributed toward the Southern Power Fund, help us stay accountable to our partners by letting us know what you have given at this link or below.


Collectively, we are tracking how much money we are moving to the Southern Power Fund in order to help us meet this goal.

Questions: [email protected]

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