Action Projects

National Action Projects

Resource Generation is taking action nationally! In 2011 we launched three national partnerships – strengthening our national programing and organizing in the areas of giving, impact investing and progressive tax reform.

Progressive Tax Reform

Wealthy people pay far less than their fair share of taxes.  But important policy changes are up for debate in Congress and state legislatures right now. These decisions impact the funding that is available for schools, healthcare, jobs creation, safety net programs, and other critical services.  It’s time to get involved!

For more information, or if you’d be interested in getting involved in our tax campaign organizing, contact [email protected].

Impact Investing

What role do young people with wealth have to play in influencing the other 95%? As philanthropy and the non-profit sector have grown in sophistication, so has the management of their finances. Foundations are finding unique ways to go beyond their 5% grantmaking by leveraging “the other 95%” in assets, while nonprofits are adopting investment strategies to further social and environmental causes. How can we forward this work?

In 2011 we piloted The Next Gen Fellowship Program in Mission Related Investing, where by Resource Generation and Confluence Philanthropy partnered to convene a group of RG members for a year of learning and action, culminating in a collective project focused on organizing young people with wealth around impact investing. Read here for more information on the fellowship and to apply for the 2015 cohort. 

Contact [email protected] with questions.

Member-Led Action Projects

Member-Led Action Projects are an opportunity for RG-ers to take collective action together.

Action Projects emerged out of chapters as communities of RG members were moved to practice the social change concepts and values they developed through meeting together. Member-Led Action Projects span a broad spectrum, from giving circles to specific campaign organizing.

There are many ways to take action, from organizing on your family foundation’s board to getting involved in RG’s or other national campaigns. Action Projects are one way that some RG members have taken action with their money while building community and “learning through doing.”

Member-Led Action Projects:

  • Focus on collective action, systemic change, and partnerships with grassroots organizations and communities
  • Demonstrate a commitment to wealth redistribution through giving, organizing, and education
  • Provide opportunities for RG members to put theory into practice and experiment with different models of leveraging privilege
  • Align with RG’s Mission, Vision and Values and strive to advance the 6 tenants of Social Justice Philanthropy by meaningfully sharing decision-making power and collaborating with communities most directly impacted by injustice
  • Are collaborative: they are organized and led by three or more people

Current and past Member-Led Action Projects include:

Want to get involved in a current Action Project? Email [email protected] to get connected.

To read more on giving circles, check out “Giving Circles, Donor Circles, and Community-Based Funding” in the “Resources” section of our website.