Spring 4-Part Webinar Series

RG is happy to announce that we will be offering a 4-part webinar series this Spring.

All of these webinars are free and open to the public. There are no age restrictions on these webinars and most are intended for an audience of all ages and class backgrounds.

This series will happen with a number of organizational partners and include the following topics:

1. How to Create a Giving Plan in Turbulent Times — Wednesday, April 19, 4pm PT/7pm ET.


Learn how to create a plan for giving to frontline grassroots organizations or tweak your existing plan to meet the current political moment. We’ll explore best practices for being a donor at any level of giving and offer resources to help your giving be aligned with your values.

This webinar is designed in partnership with Social Justice Fund NW and is meant for an audience of all class backgrounds.

Register for this webinar here. Help spread the word by sharing the Facebook event!

2. Class Privilege and Activism Training —  Tuesday, May 16, 5-6:30pm PT/8-9:30pm ET


Back by popular demand, we will look at how to leverage class privilege to support progressive change, build awareness of how class privilege shows up in activism, and how to create effective mutli-class movements for social change.

***Anyone is welcome to join. The webinar’s content is designed to address people with class privilege.

3. Deconstructing the Racial Wealth Divide — Thursday, June 15, 1-2:30pm PT/4-5:30pm ET


This webinar will take us on an arc of locating ourselves within history, and identifying actions to take in the present that will help move us collectively towards a future with a more equitable distribution of power and wealth across lines of race and class.

***Although anyone is welcome to join, the content is specific to people with class privilege. The webinar will be educational for anyone regardless of class backgrounds.

4. Young People of Color with Wealth — Coming in June, date TBD

REGISTER by emailing Yahya at yahya@resourcegeneration.org

This webinar will provide a platform for young people of color with wealth to find one another and begin to connect. It will explore the lived experience of being at the intersections of racial oppression and class privilege, and discuss ways to leverage class privilege towards collective social change.

***This webinar is for people of color. Content is designed to address people of color with class privilege.

Questions about the webinar series? Contact jes@resourcegeneration.org