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 As an Constituent Member you receive:

  • Discounted rates for ally organizations events and publications
  • Access to member-only areas like our private membership Facebook group. This online community allow you to start discussion threads, ask questions, and build virtual community and resource-sharing.
  • Blogging rights! Share your stories and work with the RG network.
  • Invitations to our leadership development programs such a Praxis groups, all-member conference calls, RG Chapter events, retreats, and campaign summits
  • Tools for navigating class, money and wealth. Request a free copy of one of our RG publications.
  • Reduced rates to RG conferences like TFP, MMMC, and workshops

Constituent Member annual dues are sliding scale $250+

If you identify as a young person with wealth but do not currently have access to wealth–we thought of that!  Check out the Stepping Stone Membership to see if it’s right for you. Stepping Stone members have access to all Constituent Member benefits.

We’ve created this handy scale to help guide your decision about what amount makes sense for you. Please contribute an amount that meaningfully reflects your financial situation and your investment in Resource Generation.

Your net financial worth and/or income: Suggested Dues:
  • Have up to $250,000 in net financial worth and/or $50,000+ in annual income
  • $250+
  • Have $250,000 to $1M in net financial worth and/or $80,000+ in annual income
  • $500+
  • Have $1M to $10M in net financial worth and/or $100,000+ in annual income
  • $1,000+
  • Have over $10M to $50M in net financial worth and/or $200,000+ in annual income
  • $3,000+
  • Have over $50M to 101M+ in net financial worth and/or $200,000+ in annual income *
  • $7,000+

*For gifts of $10K and above, contact Iimay Ho about becoming a RG Major Donor.

Not sure if this is you?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or email for additional information.

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Please note: Dues only cover a fraction of RG’s operating budget. In addition to annual membership, RG constituents, allies, alumni, and supporters are asked to contribute through annual giving campaigns to support both general operating and specific projects and programs. If you hear from us during one of these campaigns let us know how you’re engaging with your Constituent Membership!