Partners of Young People with Wealth: North Carolina RG’s amazing, strong, fierce Partner Praxis Group

By: The North Carolina Partner Praxis Group

The North Carolina partner praxis group is a fierce, loving, and caring community. We are a group of Resource Generation members who are partners of young people with wealth. We come from poor, … Continue reading »

No Guarantees

by RG Retreat Organizer, Jes Kelley

I was born in rural Georgia in the deep South. The story always starts there, other pieces get a little hazier. We moved around a lot, throughout small towns in the Southeastern US. I … Continue reading »

Nintendo and Gameboys: My Introduction to Economic Privilege

by Faisal Alam, RG Events and Operations Associate

As the newest staff member of Resource Generation (RG), I was asked to write a blog post to introduce myself. Not knowing quite what to write (I have so many stories to … Continue reading »

Growing Visibility, Growing Roots: Engaging Durham with RG North Carolina

By Maggie Heraty and David Roswell of RG North Carolina

As Resource Generation North Carolina has grown in numbers and deepened in scope, we have recognized the need to strengthen our base and be more public and active in our … Continue reading »

Work?! Mike’s thoughts on young people with inherited wealth and earning a living

Note: These thoughts are mine and not RG’s as a whole, RG policy or anything of the sort. Important questions that complicate my argument are at the bottom.

I wanna start a conversation. It touches on one of the issues I have struggled with1 and continue to grapple with as a young(ish) adult, and what I see as one of the biggest struggles and questions many of our RG members with inherited wealth face as we graduate college and enter the job market. I don’t think there are easy answers, I think we are faced with a set of tough choices. I am excited to put out my thinking as cleanly and clearly as I can and am hoping this starts lots of interesting discussion that makes us all smarter. (more…)

  1. In my twenties I worked a low-paying job with Americorp, part-time jobs as an after-school teacher and other work that barely covered my bills. I was able to do this because I could use or borrow a thousand dollars here and a thousand dollars there from my trust fund or family to cover my expenses. Questions like, how much should I be working? and how much money do I need to make? were constantly on my mind. 

Becoming Wealthy: Cross-class relationships, RG, and my experience straddling the class divide

I grew up in a middle-class household with two working parents, weekly budgeting, coupon-clipping, and a 30-year mortgage on our small house.  My brother and I knew that we had the privilege of an inheritance, but that it came in … Continue reading »