Prince John goes rogue, joins Robin Hood in wealth redistribution scheme

Kate Poole ComicWritten By RG Philly Chapter Leaders Kate Poole, Sarah Burgess & Julia Stone

In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, Robin Hood talks with Prince John about his recent transformation and decision to join a movement to redistribute wealth on a massive scale.

Robin Hood:  Let’s get right to the point here, Prince John.  Tell us, what’s behind your recent political shift?

Prince John:  Well, Robin, after years of hoarding and thinking that I alone was responsible for earning my wealth and ruling the kingdom, my brother Richard came back from the Crusades and shared with me that he had joined an organization of wealthy kings with social justice values.  At first I tried to have him beheaded at the suggestion of Sir Hissss, but after deep reflection I realized that I want to be part of a socially just world, and find love and joy in community.

RH:  That makes sense.  And what are you planning to do now?  Are you passing out gems at the gate?

PR:  Actually, Robin, I’ve learned that organizing is the most powerful tool for transforming our society.  My fellow kings visited last month and we had a visioning retreat where we concluded that equitable taxation was the best tool for us to redistribute our wealth on a kingdom-wide scale. (more…)

New York Tax Team Taking Action on the Millionaire’s Tax

We are all at Resource Generation’s Making Money Make Change conference! Wish you were here. For those of you who had to miss it,  here’s a throw back Thursday post for you by our summer intern Maddie Reichman.


Beginning in February of this year, RG NY began dedicating its tax team to the fight for universal pre-kindergarten education for New York City. Our angle: taxing the 1% to provide a consistent, dependable revenue stream for the program.

“UPK,” as the city-wide campaign was called, meant different things to different organizations. To education organizations, the campaign was a call for expanded and universal access to a crucial educational stepping stone that currently is convoluted and unfair in its procedures and access.


RG DC Publishes Op-Ed on Taxes and Wealth Inequality

 A great piece by our summer intern Maddie Reichman for throw back Thursday on an Op Ed by leaders in the DC Chapter. 

17e77f5This spring the DC chapter of Resource Generation worked with other community groups for fair tax policy. There was a proposal for a tax package that included large tax cuts for wealthy people, including the elimination of the tax bracket for the highest earners and an increase in the threshold for the Estate Tax. In the end we won some, the higher tax rate on high wage earners remained in the budget, and we lost some, the increase in the estate tax threshold was also included. This editorial by DC chapter leader Sam Waxman was written in response to the Estate Tax changes.


RG Philly Chapter Making the News!

On May 17, members of Philadelphia’s RG Chapter turned out to the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education rally to demand more funding for public schools, charter school accountability, shutting down the school to prison pipeline and returning schools to local control. Heather, a member of of this chapter who was at the rally, says that the chapter is starting to work on the fight for fair funding for public schools.

“We were slightly worried before we showed up–is this the right place for us, our message,” Heather says. “The other folks there were mostly union members, and a handful of student and parent groups. But we went for it, and we were surprised by how well we were received. One of the first people who saw us came up and took our picture, and heartfeltly said, ‘That’s the best sentiment I’ve seen in years.’”


Skewed: Income Inequality in America

We received this informative infographic from our friend Jaelynn Ficarra at the Finance Degree Center. They have put together a great graphic highlighting Americans’ perceptions of inequality versus the startling reality of the Unites States’s wealth disparities. With inequality issues like this we need tax justice now!

Check out the graphic after the break.

The Finance Degree Center is dedicated to educating the public about finance and issues surrounding the financial industry in America.


Moral Mondays and North Carolina’s Attack on the Poor and Working Class

photo credit: CASEY TOTH —

This spring, RG members from North Carolina participated in Moral Mondays—huge weekly gatherings opposing an extreme right wing agenda that successfully cut taxes on the rich and corporations, raised taxes on the bottom 80% of income earners, and drastically limited access to unemployment benefits, Medicaid, food assistance, abortions, and the right to vote.  The plan will leave the state short of $700 million per year, guaranteeing future cuts to education and other social programs. While Moral Mondays weren’t successful at stopping the tax and program cuts, momentum from the organizing has expanded into strong grassroots organizing for racial and economic justice throughout the state. (more…)