“Cool, but what do you guys do?” – Reflections from TLI 2013

These are the reflections of Ruth Sawyer, RG Seattle Chapter Leader after attending RG’s first ever Transformative Leadership Institute (TLI) for member leaders in July 2013.

One of the most persistent questions I’ve gotten when I try to explain RG’s work in Seattle is “cool, but what do you guys do?” Yes, we have groups that get young people with wealth in the same room, but what’s the point? (more…)

Listen, Act, Reflect, Repeat

Reflections from Jessan Hutchison-Quillian about a Next Generation Giving Project (NGGP) event.  NGGP is a cross-class giving circle formed in partnership between Resource Generation’s Seattle chapter and Social Justice Fund North West.

Monday night was the third gathering of the Next Generation Giving Project. Things were a little different this time: we were coming together to learn from the experiences of experts outside the group and we also were sharing space with other members of Social Justice Fund. We were lucky enough to hear from and talk to a panel of five different people all doing important work for social justice in the Northwest.Jessan

As a young person with wealth who is pretty excited about moving my resources to build a more just world, this was an excellent opportunity to hear from individuals who have experience in giving funding and also from individuals with experience in receiving funding. It is interesting to recognize that there are significant challenges on either side.

Effective funders are willing to become partners in the work that they support. I felt this emerged as a theme throughout many of the conversations. One of the panelists, Peter Bloch Garcia, summed it up with the phrase “ask and listen before you act.” Asking and listening can be the first steps in creating a relationship with the organization you care about; building this relationship will give you confidence in supporting the organization in the long term and also to opening up and sharing resources beyond just cash. (more…)