Partners of Young People with Wealth: North Carolina RG’s amazing, strong, fierce Partner Praxis Group

By: The North Carolina Partner Praxis Group

The North Carolina partner praxis group is a fierce, loving, and caring community. We are a group of Resource Generation members who are partners of young people with wealth. We come from poor, … Continue reading »

Reflecting on New Ways to Connect

Thanks to Veris Wealth Partners for allowing us to cross-post this article from their site.

by Lori Choi, Partner & Wealth Manager at Veris Wealth

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Transforming Family Philanthropy Retreat with an … Continue reading »

What We’ve Learned After a Decade of Climate Funding, and What We’re Doing Instead

Farhad Ebrahimi – RG alumni member and long-time major supporter of RG – on strategy and movement-building with his  foundation. Lots of juicy nuggets and modeling of social justice values and transparency in philanthropy. This post originally appeared at MediumContinue reading »

Meet Iris Brilliant!

Iris Brilliant is the new Family Philanthropy and Impact Investing Organizer at Resource Generation. She grew up in the Marin County, CA and currently lives in a seven-person collective in Oakland, CA. Her first praxis group at RG was so transformative that it continues to meet, even after two years. She then joined the Bay Area Leadership Team, where she formed the first ever Jewish Praxis group, which explored the intersection of class privilege and Jewish identity and history. With a family background in philanthropy, Iris has been immersed in the philanthropic world since the age of fourteen, and has often found herself to be one of a few young adults at philanthropic conferences. As a result, she is passionate about supporting the leadership development of young adults in the philanthropic world and their implementation of social change values and practices into philanthropy. Previously, Iris was an editor at Make/shift Magazine, a feminist magazine based in Los Angeles,CA, and an intern at the Catalyst Project, a white anti-racist organization in San Francisco, CA.


What is RG’s Impact? Survey results from Laura Wernick, PHD

My first involvement with RG as a constituent with class privilege was June 2004 when I participated in my first RG workshop “Social Change Financial Planning.”  Since then, I not only participated in RG programming as a constituent (e.g. MMMC, Donor Organizing Institute, CCTFP, Dinners) but also as a researcher with both personal and academic interests in the role of people with power and privilege in social justice movements. In particular, I was curious what a transformative organizing model organizing people with wealth looks like while remaining accountable to cross-class movements and avoiding the replication of existing, unjust power structures.  These interests led to a mixed-method dissertation research project, in partnership with RG, involving participant observation, interviews, a survey and review of RG training materials.  This research was completed in 2009. See below for more information. Since then, RG staff and I administered a follow-up survey (Wave 2) of the RG community to specifically document the impact of RG’s work.  We completed data collection last year (2012), and what follows are some of the exciting results!


Let’s stretch together! My Spring Appeal Letter for RG

Dear Friends of RG,

Happy Resource Generation 15th Anniversary! It is an honor to ask you to support RG as I transition off staff.

Will you join me by donating today?

Today is the day with the greatest disparity in the distribution of wealth since the Gilded Age a century ago. The top 1% own (have a net worth of) more than 90% of America’s households combined. And the disparity is getting worse. Not the world you want to live in, right? Not good for you, not good for anyone.

But we know that the world could look really different… (more…)