College Organizing

We love connecting with and supporting college students. We’re excited about the energy and vision that students contribute to RG’s work for social justice, and we also see that many college students are hungry to learn about class privilege and to take action related to their privilege. We believe in developing leaders among the youngest members of our community because we believe that young people are the catalyst and fuel of social movements and that we have a key role to play in organizing our communities for a more just world.

To read about one student’s (and RG member’s) experience organizing RG’s first college chapter, check out Holly Fetter’s blog post, “The RG Degree: Connecting to College Students With Wealth.”

If you’re a student on a college or university campus here’s how you can get involved with RG:

  • Sign up here to receive more information about RG. Make sure to indicate that you’re a student!
  • Join RG’s listserve for college students by emailing Adam Roberts at [email protected]
  • Read the RG College Organizing Guide. If you’re thinking about starting an RG chapter on your campus, check out this guide. It’s written by RG college organizers, for RG college organizers.
  • Bring an RG workshop to your campus. Our volunteer organizers can work with you to host workshops for students with class privilege at your school. Contact Adam Roberts at [email protected], our college organizing coordinator, for more information.
  • Attend RG’s annual retreat Making Money Make Change (November 9-12, 2017). This is an ideal place to connect with other young people with wealth, including college students, who are interested in learning about their class privilege and how to leverage their privilege and resources to support economic, racial, and social justice.

    If you’re not currently a student, you can still support this work!

  • Talk about Resource Generation, class privilege, and our mission with the students in your life. Reach out to siblings, cousins, friends, and acquaintances who might want to know more about RG. For example, you could coordinate a night of checking out our webinars!
  • Connect with students, professors, and administrators from your alma mater. Reach out to the student groups you were a part of, the professors that taught relevant courses, or the ad
    holly stanford rg workshop

    A founding member of RG’s Stanford chapter doing some college organizing on campus

    ministrators that worked on social justice-related initiatives at your campus.

  • Write a blog post or opinion piece for your alma mater describing RG and its work. For example, here’s Class Confessions on Campus in the Stanford Daily and To the Rich Kids in the Dartmouth Radical.
  • Reach out to campuses in your community. Connect with interested students or professors. Post fliers about RG on the campus. Table at their activity fairs. Facilitate an RG workshop!