National Praxis


At Resource Generation, Praxis is an opportunity for a small group of people with class privilege and wealth to build community, talk openly and honestly about wealth and class privilege, and set personal and collective goals around wealth redistribution. 


“Praxis: reflection and action upon the world in order to transform it.” from Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1968) 

“Praxis” can be defined as practice or putting theory into action. It is the act of translating thought, reflection, and dialogue into action. Reflection and dialogue are not just about deepening understanding for their own sake, but an essential part of engaging in active social change. The tradition of “praxis” comes from the Global South and has been used throughout the states, including strongly in Black Feminist movements. This cycle of learning, action, and reflection is central to much of the organizing that transforms the world we live in. 


What do young people with wealth get out of a Praxis group?

  • Relationships through regular meetings and sharing with other young people with wealth who believe in social change. 
  • A chance to discuss challenging topics you are facing around your wealth.
  • Peers to support and challenge you.
  • Continual support to take action on moving your resources towards social change!


Praxis supports us in our journey to become leaders, take personal and collective action toward wealth redistribution and social justice, and deepen our involvement in the RG membership community.



RG offers three distinct Praxis opportunities: National Virtual Praxis, Chapter Praxis, and High Net Wealth Praxis. Read on to learn more about each group! 


National Virtual Praxis is offered intermittently as a series of virtual meetings facilitated by RG staff. This praxis happens with a large group of people from across the country and includes small group breakout groups. 


Chapter Praxis is usually offered annually and is facilitated by chapter leaders. These locally-based, small-group meetings generally occur in person over the course of several months.


High Net Wealth Praxis

High Net Wealth Praxis is a political education, reflection, and accountability program for cohorts of young people with access to more than 1M in liquid assets or who have influence over family assets of at least 10M. It is offered several times a year with cohorts of less than 12. 

In HNW Praxis, participants will:

  • Cultivate a network of peers with similar levels of assets and explore questions that are specific to being owning class: How much is enough? For me and for the world? How do I redistribute without spending all my time on philanthropy? Where does paid work fit into my life? How do I engage my family around redistribution? How can I show up to the social justice movement while holding and owning all of my identities?
  • Receive three coaching sessions from a Professional Money Coach for support in carrying out action plans. 
  • Explore different giving models (What is a DAF? What is an intermediary? Do I need to start a foundation?) and deepen skills and capacity to implement a social justice strategy in giving. 
  • Participate in social movements and learn about RG’s national campaign partners, The Movement for Black Lives and the Center for Popular Democracy.
  • Create action plans for redistribution, family organizing, and solidarity economy investments