When we say we want to end racial capitalism and practice wealth redistribution, it means following the demands of Black people to defund the police, invest in Black communities, and fund a generation of Black Liberation organizing. 

We want Black-led liberation organizing to win. We want poor and working-class movements leading the fight for the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power to win.



For RG members and Giving Pledge signers, we suggest considering an amount equal to 10% of your overall giving and/or matching or exceeding your membership dues to RG.

We encourage you to give in alignment with social justice philanthropy principles and/or Giving Guidelines, such as being transparent (letting them know who you are and how/when they can expect the funds), giving to general operating expenses, and committing to multi-year giving. 

If you have any questions or run into issues, reach out to your chapter organizer or RG Campaign Director, Yahya Alazrak ( 

Give to Center for Popular Democracy (CPD)

  • Donate online at
  • By check: Center for Popular Democracy | 449 Troutman St, Suite A, Brooklyn, NY 1123
  • Got questions about how to make other kinds of contributions, i.e. stock, DAF, wire transfers? Please reach out to – thank you!
  • For questions about support to CPD nationally email Kelsea –

Be a part of moving $5M to the Movement for Black Lives

  • Step one: Make your online contribution (501c3) here at RG’s M4BL National ActBlue Page
    • For checks: Make checks payable to “M4BL Fund” and mail to: Common Counsel Foundation c/o Movement for Black Lives 1624 Franklin St, #1022, Oakland, CA 94612
    • For all gifts over $1,000 to M4BL: Please notify Yahya@resourcegeneration.orgPlease also include a note with your gift specifying that you are a member of Resource Generation who the funds are coming from (if from a DAF, share the name of the DAF), if the giving is multi-year, add your contact info, so they can alert their fiscal sponsor and plan for their own organizing.
    • Got questions about how to make other kinds of contributions, i.e. stock, DAF, wire transfers? Email
    • For any questions, please reach out to – thank you!
  • Step two: Have you signed RG’s Giving Pledge? This is helping us track this fundraising campaign and be accountable to our campaign partners.