Washington DC

Washington DC

Resource Generation is a multiracial membership community of young people (18-35) with wealth and/or class privilege committed to the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power.

We are always looking for more people to join our community, and would be excited to meet you. If you want to learn more, fill out the national intake form and select “D.C.,” and we’ll connect you with a member.

Chapter Updates

How I Learned to Embrace Family Philanthropy’s Contradictions (And Why This Matters in Today’s Urgent Social Justice Moment)

Act I: Family Philanthropy = Bad? My siblings and I found out that we were on the board of a family foundation six years ago over Christmas dinner. “Surprise! We are now the Pink House Foundation!” my parents announced over root vegetables and waning holiday cheer....

Why I [Tax] March

By Samantha Waxman Many of the ways that I’ve been thinking and feeling about taxes, wealth, and the recent election crystallized during the recent healthcare debate—the fiasco in which Paul Ryan and Trump tried to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act,...

Reflections and openings

Dear RG community, It’s hard to know what to say in a moment like this. We may be shaken, angry, numb, sad, activated, scared, and more. It may be hard to know what to do. We don’t have all the answers.   We only have what is alive in our hearts right now. We want to...