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New York

About RG NYC

RG NYC organizes events, workshops, discussions, and more, but these should only be seen as the tip of the iceberg. We’re not primarily a service-provider. We’re primarily a community. Our goal is to provide a roadmap, resources, and moral support to help each other live up to our ideals and not succumb to the feelings of entitlement, apathy, isolation, and frustration that are encouraged by conventional thinking about wealth and privilege. We want our members to feel confident and informed and to live their lives with intention, honesty, and accountability.

If you’re just getting to know us…

Sign up on RG’s website if you haven’t already; we’ll add you to the RG NYC listserv and get you connected to a current member for an introductory conversation.

Attend events, meetings, and actions (publicized on the RG NYC listserv and tracked on our Google calendar).

Apply to join a Praxis group (we run these once a year, starting in the fall). You can register your interest by filling out our RG NYC Future Involvement Survey.

Tell us about your onboarding experience! We’re always trying to improve or process and we appreciate all feedback!

Attend one of RG’s national retreats.

If you’re ready to do more…

Join a circle and help organize events, meetings, and actions. To learn more, fill out our RG NYC Future Involvement Survey and we’ll follow up. 

More info about RG NYC

Read the RG NYC one pager for more info!

Chapter Structure

RG NYC is member-led and member-organized (with the guidance and support of a paid staff organizer from the national organization). In 2019 we transitioned to a “sociocratic” chapter structure where decision-making power is held by “circles” (formerly known as “working groups”), each of which is responsible for a specific area of the chapter’s work.

While the chapter’s events are generally open to all members, the work of organizing these events is carried out by our circles. Our three main circles are Moving Money, Action, and Base Building, which correspond to our three core competencies of collective action, moving money, and community organizing outlined above (the fourth competency, racial and economic justice, is part of all the work we do). If you want to learn more about joining a circle, fill out our RG NYC Future Involvement Survey.

Chapter Updates