Partner Stories: A New Tumblr

by Liz Sullivan, Partner Leadership Team

We’ve all been there (or, at least, I hope it’s not just me); it’s 3 pm, and even though you have things to do, the Internet beckons with cat pictures to laugh at, endless articles to read, and enough YouTube videos to keep you parked at your laptop until next week. The Internet can be a distraction for sure, but it turns out that it can also be a damn good place to connect with each other. The RG partner leadership team has recently harnessed this power of connectivity and launched a new Tumblr called RG Partner Stories.

There are many partners in the RG community, but we don’t often have opportunities to physically come together to share our stories. Partners may struggle in isolation with questions or feelings that are hard to share. As RG member leaders and partners, we created this Tumblr to break down the physical distance and teach other what it means for us all individually to be partners in cross-class relationships. It’s also a chance for us to get to know each other and connect personally. While our relationship with class status, both old and new, is a part of our identity, it’s not our whole identity. The Tumblr is a place to share, “this is what my partner experience is like” and a little bit of “and this is who I am!”

We decided early on to make the Tumblr a confidential, private site for folks from poor-, working-and middle-class backgrounds who are connected to Resource Generation because of their partner’s access to wealth and/or class privilege. Keeping it private allows partners to have a space for our full, cross-class selves to show up at RG. Partnership in general can challenge our sense of self and our values; add in conversations about class, and it gets messy real fast. The Tumblr embraces and encourages that messiness in a safe space!

Sharing our stories is a vital part of taking action; we can’t make change if we feel isolated and alone in our experience. The Tumblr is a part of a larger intention to empower partners to own their stories and their role in influencing how the wealth within their partnership can be leveraged to create social impact. We are in this together!  For more blog posts on why we organize partners, check out the cross-class relationships page.

So if you’re a partner of young person with wealth, and you’re looking for an afternoon distraction, we encourage you check out this project!  Sharing our stories allows us to see parallels, but it also can help us shift our perspectives and see our own situation differently; the more voices we have in the mix, the better we can build community and challenge ourselves. That means we really want to hear from you so please reach out if you’re interested in sharing your experience! Your story, even if it looks different from all the other stories, matters! To read, share, and get involved, contact Liz Sullivan at


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