National Retreats

MAKING MONEY MAKE CHANGE (MMMC) is Resource Generation’s annual national 100+ person gathering for young people with wealth (ages 18-35) who believe in economic, racial, and social justice.

MMMC is a confidential space to explore issues related to wealth, privilege, philanthropy, and participation in grassroots movements for justice and equality. Through workshops, discussions, and community-building activities, participants support, challenge, and inspire each other to align their resources with their values and work for personal and societal transformation.

“I feel like I am coming more from a place of abundance. I am increasing my giving 10 fold!” –– 2016 participant

“I feel powerful in starting conversations with family and friends and integrating social justice values into my financial plan.” –– 2016 participant

“Taking 4 days to explore my family and my source of wealth, then to name how much I have, understand some of the systemic issues in our country, and talk out loud to like-minded and like-resourced people certainly moved me toward action.” –– 2016 participant

“I felt that all the programming that I attended touched on something that was relevant to my experience. I never felt lost or isolated.” — 2016 participant

TRANSFORMING PHILANTHROPY is Resource Generation’s national gathering for young people (18-35) involved with family philanthropy or high net wealth (have access to $1M in liquidable assets) and are committed to progressive social justice.

The weekend is spent in workshops, discussions and dynamic full group spaces to delve into issues of wealth, philanthropy, family and social change, and gain the skills and community to further strengthen the next generation of social change philanthropists. At this moment in history, it is more important than ever that young people involved in family philanthropy come together to build community, learn and leverage resources for social change.

“Transforming Philanthropy moved me from the state of alienation due to capitalism, racism, and classism to a point of collective critical thinking support and community! It helped me ‘own’ my privilege, my class, and wealth in a healthy way.” — 2016 participant

“Having a community of young people to connect with about sticky family dynamics involved in trying to really implement social justice philanthropy has been so helpful. I now have friends to bounce ideas off of, instead of being stuck trying to deal with this alone.” — 2016 participant

“The workshops and presenters all had something valuable to share that I badly needed to hear. The entire program felt specifically designed and curated to my needs and to fuel the momentum I needed to change the structure of my foundation.” — 2016 participant

Transformative Leadership Institute

RG is hosts a multi-day, national gathering for RG member-leaders to come together to further and deepen their own community, skills, political education and vision for organizing young people with wealth and class privilege for social change.

The Institute includes workshops on facilitation and communication, applying racial justice to grantmaking, and community organizing. Participants meet in consistent small groups throughout the retreat, and have time to build and work together in particular “tracks” such as Chapter Leadership Teams, Tax Justice Organizing Team and leaders organizing young people of color with wealth.

For more information or with questions please email [email protected]