Class & Classism

Classified: How To Stop Hiding Your Privilege and Use It For Social Change by Karen Pittelman & Resource Generation

RG’s very own! Classified is a guide for people with class privilege who are tired of cover-ups, who are ready to dig through the buried files and figure out how their privilege really works.



Class Action

Class Action’s mission is to raise consciousness about the issues of class and money, and their impact on our individual lives, our relationships, organizations, institutions and culture. Through workshops, consultations, research and writings, they aim to heal the hurts of classism, and support the development of cross-class alliance building, and to support the movement of resources to where they are most needed.


United for a Fair Economy

A national nonprofit organization focusing public attention and action on growing economic inequality in the United States. United for a Fair Economy has a variety of programs including popular education, research and media work. Responsible Wealth, a project of UFE, provides an organized voice for wealthy people to speak out against growing inequality. Share the Wealth, the action arm of UFE, engages in legislative action, arts and cultural work, and direct action.


Wealth for the Common Good 

A national network of business leaders, high-income households and partners working together to promote shared prosperity and fair taxation.


The Inheritance Project

The Inheritance Project was founded in 1992 to explore the emotional and social impact of inherited wealth and to show heirs how to claim their personal power and use it to bring meaning to their lives and benefit others.
Reading for inheritors from inheritors.


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